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Being in business is not fun anymore? Creditors chasing money, the tax man knocking on the door, bad cashflow and you’re juggling payments to suppliers?

We understand how overwhelming it can be.

Saving businesses in debt distress is what we love to do. Every day, we work with business owners to turn around their futures.

With a range of legal options available, insolvency does not have to mean the end of the business. We’ll fight hard to get you the outcome you want, whether that be a business rescue, restructure, or a strategic closedown.

Experience That Counts

We’ve helped businesses Australia-wide. Our workforce is 100% mobile. We can be onsite quickly to work with you to turn your business around.

Our lean structure means unlike our competition, we can provide cost-effective solutions to micro and small businesses.

Give us a room with WiFi at your workplace, and some of your time, and we’ll get cracking on a business rescue plan, tailored to your needs.

There are many options to save businesses in distress. The key is to act quick.

Business Rescues

Small Business Restructure

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Voluntary Administration

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Safe Harbour

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Debt Re-financing and Consolidation

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Tax Debt Negotiation

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Simplified Liquidation

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Voluntary Company Deregistration

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We are with you during your insolvency journey.

Deal with your ATO Debt
We’re experts at negotiating with the ATO. We do it every day.

Stop All Creditor Calls
Let us deal with your suppliers and creditors.

One Payment Plan for Everyone
We’ll package your rescue plan-up into one payment for everyone.


Each of our solutions is tailored to your individual needs, so a great result can take many different shapes. You can expect one or more of the following:

  • A business turnaround where you remain in 100% control and ownership.

  • One payment plan to pay off all your creditors, putting an end to juggling multiple payments.

  • A renegotiated tax debt.

  • Creditors stopped from taking action.

  • An active new investor coming on board.

  • A restructuring of debt to levels you can service.

  • Our continued guidance as you track your business into profitability.

  • A healthier mind, free of the angst that comes with financial distress.

“Our family business was on the brink of collapse after the loss of a large project. Ernie and the team came up with a rescue plan allowing us to pay our creditors over time whilst we rebuilt the business.”

Frances (Sydney)

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